Why are we always so quick to exclaim God’s blessings on our life when things are good? When we receive material gain? When we are delivered from a health scare? Where are all those exclamations when things don’t look so great from our end?

If we have given our life to God, through Jesus, then there is also blessing in the hard. In the lonely. In the questionable. Actually, that might be where the greatest blessing is. God loves us so much that He wants to teach us things so that we can be closer to Him. So that He can teach others through our situation. So that He can teach  the world all the more about His power and love.

But it’s hard. It’s hard to see the blessing when it’s not wrapped up in a pretty bow. When it’s not what we thought. When it’s exactly opposite of what the world around us teaches.

As a parent, if we only give to our children, they won’t grow. They won’t learn. They won’t persevere. It is by letting them go through the hard that they mature. That is how God works with us. In us. Through us.

We should find the blessing during the hard as well as the good, because God is showing us His love. He is showing us His power. He is showing us that He cares enough to let us go through it.