I have always loved Valentine’s Day! From old-fashioned victorian-era post cards to those adorable tiny children’s classroom cards to just taking the time to let others know you love them. I love heart shaped candy, heart shaped jewelry and anything heart shaped… I just love it all!!

When my kids were in elementary school, Valentine’s day was so much fun! I passed down my love for those little sweet and funny cards. We would sit together and have the best time signing and addressing cards to their classmates. Long after the day was over, I would still find those cards among the treasures in their room.

So it would only be fitting that on Valentine’s Day 30 years ago, a certain young man would propose to me. I remember getting a postcard in the mail from the newspaper letting me know that there would be a message to me in a special section of the newspaper on Valentines Day. I remember going to my parent’s house that morning to read this special message. Of course, they already knew what was going on and watched as I looked through what seemed like millions of Valentines Day messages until I found the one that was just for me. And there it was. “Starling, will you marry me?”  I started crying and my parents, who acted like they didn’t have a clue, were asking me what the message said. I remember finally getting to talk on the phone to my boyfriend- turned- fiancé. He was working that Saturday morning and we wouldn’t see each other until late afternoon.

I never grew up dreaming of getting married or what my wedding would be like. But by the time Chris was off work that day, our whole wedding was planned! I remember going to look at rings that afternoon. Chris knew it would be best for me to pick out my own ring. I remember the sales person being so patient with us. Then we had to go to a friend’s Valentines party that we had already committed to going. We got to share the “big news” with everyone there, and it was so fun!

So here we are, 30 years later. And, Chris, I would say “yes” all over again.