It’s been awhile since I have written. And it’s been on purpose.

While God is my main Bible study teacher, I believe that He has created people to help us with interpretation and understanding. Three women have been that for me. They have been that for others. Then, one by one, they all fell. Just like so many we read about in the Bible. Yes, we are all humans and certainly aren’t perfect. We fail others and we fail God. I am the first to stand in the “failure line.” But these women were considered to be spiritually solid. I never thought it would be them.

One went totally against God’s word in her theology, one aligned herself with those that give me a check in my spirit and one began marketing something that I believe to be wrong. All in the same time frame. It has broken my heart.

The day that I took all of their books off my shelf and said good-bye to their blogs and other teachings was a gut wrenching day. Yes, there is forgiveness. And people can make things right with God again. But they can no longer be my spiritual mentors. Trust with what they say and write will never be the same. It’s been hard. It has made me question  so many others who teach God’s word. And it has made me question my own writing and use of scripture.

I have said before that when God stops leading me in writing this blog, I will stop. So we will see if I am supposed to be done, or if I am just supposed to pause.