A few years ago, sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday, I had four little ones at home while two older ones were at school. On this particular day there were no doctor appointments to go to, no therapy appointments to keep and no social worker visits to prepare for. It was a rare day.

I was searching for something to keep everyone occupied and out of trouble, including myself, when I remembered how much the kids loved hunting Easter eggs. But Easter was no where in sight. Then I stumbled across an idea. I gave each of the kids a brown paper lunch bag and took them out to the front yard. There was a big oak tree out front and the ground was littered with acorns. I told them to find as many acorns as they could and put them in the bag.

You should have seen how much fun they had with something so simple, and really something with no point to it. But none of that mattered to them. Watching the expressions of joy on their faces as they found acorn after acorn taught me about “the fun of the simple” in life.

When they came inside, I emptied their bags and put a lot of the acorns in a decorative glass jar that I had. It wouldn’t fit all of the acorns, but it held enough.

I still have that glass jar, and to this day whenever I look at it I don’t see a jar of acorns. Instead, I see smiling little faces, lit up with excitement over a simple, ordinary day.