#ichoosejoy. A simple reminder to myself as well as a goal.

I have been asked what this means and why do I post things on Facebook with this at the end.  Well…it’s all about choosing joy over happiness. Wait a minute–aren’t they the same thing? No. They are not.

Happiness is dependent on your circumstances. Happiness is dependent on your surroundings. Happiness is dependent on other people. While most people don’t think there’s anything wrong with happiness, it is fleeting and happiness can turn to sadness on a moment’s notice.

Joy goes so much deeper. Joy is an attitude of the mind and heart. Joy is a way of life. Joy is an outpouring of your relationship with God. If you look to God, you can have true joy in your life, even in the middle of sad and painful circumstances. God’s joy transcends any earthly circumstance. But, joy is also a choice. I’m not talking about having a “Pollyanna attitude.” I’m not talking about never being sad. I’m talking about choosing to look for joy through God, choosing to ask God for joy,  choosing to be joyful and see the hope that is bigger than any life situation you are in.

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Phillippians 4:4