It is an amazing thing to watch your children grow up.

When they are babies, most of the time you are just trying to keep everyone alive for the day. There is a lot of truth to the saying “the days are long, but the years are short.” Before you know it, they are feeding themselves, dressing themselves and in school. They start navigating their way through life and making memories in the process. I remember one day when I was vacuuming and went to take one of those pesky baby-proof plugs from the electrical outlet. Then it hit me- I didn’t need those anymore! That was a joyous day, indeed.

Then come those oh-so-terrifying teenage years. If you weren’t serious in your prayer life before, you definitely have some hard-hitting prayer time now. I want to know who originally thought that teenagers have enough focus and maturity to get behind the wheel of a metal death trap, or as it is commonly known, a car. It makes you have selective memory on how “easy” those baby days were. But, you get through it all to see some wonderful people emerge.

People who love God, care about others and are successful with what they are doing. People who you actually want to hang around and do life with instead of hiding from to get a few moments of peace. People who you realize have become your best friends.

It has been such a privilege to parent the children God has lent me. I am proud of them all.