Around six years ago, I woke up on a Sunday morning to hear that Stephen Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman’s daughter had died in an unfortunate car accident. I sat in church that morning thinking that when they woke up they had no idea what that day would be bringing them. In Sunday School (yes, I will forever call it Sunday School, no matter what the current “name of the week” that the church is using) on the same day we talked about how we need to be prepared in our relationship with God before something happens. If we wait until something happens to get prepared, it is too late.

Little did I know that in our corner of the world that very same Sunday would bring a hospital visit for my son that resulted in surgery. I also didn’t know that he would experience this many more times over the next 27 months. He certainly didn’t know what the day was going to bring him each time he awoke on those days.

My mom didn’t know what the day was going to bring when she was diagnosed with cancer, just the same as she didn’t know a few years before that she would have her last earthly day with the love of her life.

I didn’t know that I would wake up one day and be put on strict bed rest when I was pregnant with my youngest, and there definitely was no warning for the many health concerns I have had over the years.

But this I do know…I walk through the day, no matter what it may bring, with more peace, calmness and clarity when I have been walking through the day with God. Not walking with Him just one day, but day by day and throughout the day. It doesn’t matter what happens, good or bad. It doesn’t matter if it is health related, work related, financial related, family related, you name it. Being diligent in Bible Study and consistently talking to God through prayer are the two best ways to walk with Him and find strength in all circumstances. And by the way, God does know what the day will bring us.