My daughter just came back from a trip that involved a long bus ride after a few days of little sleep. She arrived late into the night, and as she got off the bus, she went looking for me everywhere else except for where I was. She kept looking, but could not find me. We finally connected, and she was not happy. She was tired and cranky from the long trip and just wanted to go home. She was upset from not being able to find me, but I let her know that I was standing in the same place by the bus the whole time. After talking about the trip on the way home, the lovely and sweet daughter I know re-emerged.

I really didn’t think anything of it until God nudged me today. You see, I have recently been on a journey of my own, and it has left me tired and weary. I have been looking for God’s purpose in all of this, but have gone about it the wrong way. I’ve been looking here and there, high and low, and ending up without answers. But you see, God hasn’t changed His plan for my life or gone somewhere else. He has been there the whole time, standing in the same place and waiting for me.

When I finally did go to Him (why don’t I save myself a whole lot of heartache and trouble and just go to Him first like I know I should do? Maybe I didn’t really want to hear His answer.), I was upset by not seeing His purpose in all of this and let Him know it. But after talking with Him a bit, crying with Him and finally listening to Him, I felt my life in Him re-emerging. I am refreshed and ready to continue.

I am so thankful that God hasn’t let me miss the lessons He has for me.