With today being Valentines Day, it is only fitting that I share about the loves of my life. There have been so many people along the way that have been aquaintences and close friends, but a few stand out as being the loves of my life.

The first people I have ever loved were my parents. They gave me such a wonderful upbringing and really showed the love of Christ in their everyday life. When my life became messy, they were there for me. As I got married and started raising my family, they were there for me. When things in the world just weren’t going right, I could always go to them for guidance and support. I miss them so much.

Next comes my brother and sister. I am so thankful for them. Their love, support and friendship has been nothing short of amazing.

Of course, with my brother and sister comes extended family. Lots of extended family. We sure are an assorted bunch of people, but that doesn’t stop us from being there for each other and loving each other.

There are two women in my life, they know who they are, whom I love to the ends of the earth and back. One has been in my life for over thirty years. She has been through all the good and the bad with me. I don’t know how I would have been able to go through life without her. The other one has been such an encouragement to me, and always points me right to God as my source for everything.

Then there are my three heartbeats, my son and two daughters. I have such a fierce love for them. Each one has taught me so much through the years, whether they know it or not. Along with my children come three other amazing people. I consider them mine as well, and am enjoying getting to know them more and more.

This list wouldn’t be complete without my husband. He has loved me through some pretty bad days and rejoiced with me in the good days. I am so thankful that God placed him in my life. But my husband is second on my list.

First and foremost on my list is Jesus. The amount of love He has for me is too amazing to comprehend it all. Many times I argue with Him, am rebellious against Him and just plain disregard Him. But He loves me anyway. He has saved my life by dying for all of my sin and all of my rebellious ways. Jesus did this so that the eternity of my life will gloriously be spent with Him instead of living an eternity of pain and torture. If this is not the case for your life, please message me in the comment section and we can talk about it.

Looking back, and looking forward, I can truly say that I have been blessed with the love of some truly great people. How about you? Who is on the list of your loves?