I sat watching the two of them. Side-by-side. There for each other most of their lives. Two cute girls with their whole future in front of them. Lucy and Ethel until the end.

Then I started thinking about my Lucy. Oh, I love her so. We have had the best of times together, the craziest of times together, and have been there with each other when life hasn’t. We have had times of only seeing each other once or twice a year, and times when we talk several times a week and see each other a lot more. But no matter what, we are there for each other through thick and thin. I am now seeing so clearly why God put us together as friends all those years ago. We are both in situations in our lives that no one else would understand like we do. Teenage craziness has turned into grown-up comradery.

Then I realized that God has given me a second Lucy. An unlikely pairing turned into two women praying. Right now we are deep in the trenches together and I am so blessed to have her.

To the young Lucy and Ethel I watched the other night- my wish for you is that you will always have each other to lean on and laugh with. It makes all the difference.