There are many books out on saying “yes” to God. While these books have powerful stories and truths in them, I want to talk about what many Christians don’t address. What do you do when God says “no”? I have seen many times a fellow believer proclaim loudly about what he has perceived that God has called him to do, only to later fade away when it doesn’t happen.

One of the hardest lessons I have had has been to accept God’s “no”. For many years I have been pleading with God over something. He has answered over and over with a resounding “NO!”. He hasn’t said “maybe later”, or “if circumstances change”. The door has been shut, locked & bolted.

I’ve been so busy trying to push this door open that I am missing out on God’s “yes”. Things I should be saying “yes” to, but don’t have the time or energy for because I am over in the other corner pouting that I am not getting my way. Silly me–it’s not about my way. Even though I know this with my whole heart, I still revert back to selfishness hidden behind the mask of serving.

There is a blessing in the “no”. The blessing of protection. The blessing of a fulfilled life. The blessing of being right smack in the middle of where God wants you to be, wherever that is.

God’s “no” is a hard thing to hear, but even harder to really and truly accept.