Chris and I have pretty much always had opposite schedules our whole married life, which works for us. Because of this, whenever we have had time together it usually consists of responsibilities. You know, decisions to be made and bills to be paid–husband and wife stuff. This is what has kept life going without too many holes to fall through.

But lately, I have wanted my boyfriend back. No responsibilities, no major life decisions to be made and no house projects to complete. Just a time to enjoy each other’s company and have some much needed fun and craziness. The past few months we have been able to capture some of that.

As great as it has been, there is still much husband/wife time needed as well. Recently, Chris met me while I was out, and I was looking forward to seeing my boyfriend. But he had just come from a business-type event and was in responsibility mode, aka husband mode. I sure was disappointed, but had I really communicated with him what I was expecting? So even after being married 26 years, there is still much left to learn. When do the husband and wife come out and when do the boyfriend & girlfriend make an entrance?