So my child broke a family rule, and I knew it. When I questioned this child, I was told a bold lie, and I knew it. This brought a hole in our relationship, and I was sad for it. This was not a shining moment in this child’s life.

I asked, “Why did you lie to me? How often do I tell you ‘no’? If you told me the reasoning behind what you wanted and it made sense, don’t you think I would have said ‘yes’?” I was not happy and forgiveness was the last thing on my mind. Then God tapped me on the shoulder and, once again, let me know that this lesson was really for me.

Adam and Eve broke God’s rule, and He knew it. When questioned, they lied, and God knew it. Sin had entered the picture, which brought a hole in their relationship, which lead to sadness. Not a shining moment for them, either.

But just as sin had entered the picture, forgiveness would one day enter. I needed to forgive this child and mend the hole in our relationship just as Christ did by dying on the cross so that I could be forgiven for my sin. He did this for you, too.

Although there was a price to pay, just as Adam and Eve had to pay a price by leaving the garden, I am so thankful that God showed me that forgiveness was more important than justice.