I carry no less than three power cords in my work bag at all times. They are a tangled mess! Every day I spend time straightening out the mess, only to start again the next day. Oh, I have tried to neatly keep each cord separate with rubber bands, twist ties, ponytail holders, ziploc bags, you name it. But for some reason I prefer the tangled mess. I don’t want to take the time to make everything neat and clean, even though it takes more time and energy to sort things out.

Same thing with my relationship with God. For some reason I prefer to live in a mess instead of the simple, clear instruction that He gives me. When I take the time to look at things, I don’t want the mess. Who in their right mind would want that? Before everyone starts in with their smart remarks, the state of my mind is not the subject here, but I must want a mess if I am continually making it without doing anything to change it. How much time, energy, worry and frustration do I expend when I don’t keep things “neat and clean” with God? Countless hours, I tell you. Countless hours. I seem to prefer making a huge mess, then asking God to get me out of it instead of going to Him in the first place.

To begin the road of not living in so much mess, my relationship with God must be very intentional. I cannot let things happen on a whim, or when I feel like it. If that were the case, then I would only meet God for a brief moment during Sunday morning church. Ouch! I think I just stepped on my own toes with that one.

I need to go to Him every day throughout the day; not just for a “precious quiet time” that is contrived and time-alloted. It needs to be second nature to go to God first for everything, and yes, even the messy things. Then maybe I will get to spend my time and energy in a joyous relationship with Him instead of cleaning up messes.