For better or for worse- such a Victorian era romantic notion. When you are starry-eyed and love is new, you think that it will always be this way, no matter what. We tend to think of “for worse” being things like physical disability or something that is out of our control. But you don’t know what your “for worse” will be. 

Standing at that alter before God, family and friends we never imagine our “for worse” could be lack of concern for the other, schedules so busy that you don’t have time for each other, fights that could break world records, selfishness, being so busy serving the church that you forget to serve God and each other.  The list goes on and on. What seems to be “the little things” can be as devastating to a marriage as the “big things.”

As bad as all of this is for a marriage, it can end up being a beautiful picture of God’s love, grace and forgiveness. If you let Him, God can restore a broken marriage- the same thing He did in restoring our broken lives. Personally, I don’t know how couples get through any of this without God- many of them don’t.

Our “for worse” doesn’t have to end there. With God, it can turn into “for better.”