Even though my parents have been gone for a few years now, there are times and events I wish I could go back to savor and linger. I would love one more time to see my mom put on lipstick, comb her hair and greet my dad when he came home. Just once more I would love to walk by my parent’s room after my dad went to work and see my mom in bed with her Bible open and prayer list ready. I knew that my name was on that list as well as my future husband. That gave me a security I didn’t realize until later in life. I would love to hear my dad whistle one more time, but more than that I would love to hear his wise advise again.

There are also moments with God that I wish I hadn’t rushed through; that day in the back of a pick-up truck when I gave Him my life, that day at the dining room table when I re-dedicated my life, sweet moments of prayer over sick children and many more. Why was I in such a rush? Why didn’t I realize that life with God is not an ever-present list to mark off and move on to the next?

But the bigger question is why don’t I remember that now? This past year, God has been moving in my life and shaking things up in a mighty way. While I am enjoying the ride, why am I not lingering and savoring each lesson? I’ve been saying, “That’s a nice lesson, God. Next!” I long to stop everything and just sit awhile at his feet. I long to linger and savor, not rush through.