This is for the birth moms out there. Your child is doing well. You did a good thing. We know it was hard and can only imagine the pain, but it was the most selfless thing you could do. It wasn’t until we had children of our own that we could stop being mad at you and start being thankful.

Although we are now adults, back in our mind somewhere we are that baby that you had to send away. We wonder what you were thinking while carrying us. Did you agonize over the decision, or were you glad just to have it all be over? Did anyone else know, or were we a secret that society didn’t want to know? Whatever it was, we are grateful that you went through with it, because to us, abortion feels personal-like it is an attack on us. We were one decision away from having the same fatal blow to our lives.

Even though we may not have an interest in having a relationship with you, it doesn’t mean that we don’t think about you. Every year on our birthday, we wonder if you think about us. Do you re-live that day? Every Mother’s Day, we wonder if we have brothers and sisters out there. Do we look like you? Do we act like you?

One thing we know for certain. The plan was never for us to be with you. You were the way for us to get to the family that God had for us. We know where we belong. Thank you for getting us there.