I have built quite a nice little life for me, myself and I. I get up early, get ready for work and have Bible study and prayer. At work, I go into my office and for the majority of my day I can be alone if I want. The rest of my time is spent taking care of my family and home, which I love to do most of all. I am in my comfort zone all day. 

When I serve God, I draw a line in the sand and tell Him, “I will serve you up to here. I will not cross the line because that would be uncomfortable.”  Isn’t God so proud of me? (note the major sarcasm) Recently, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns said in an interview, “Don’t let your personality dictate your theology.” This hit me straight up. I understand that God made everyone different to accomplish His work as a whole, but too many times I use being an introvert as an excuse. There. I said it.

Then of course Satan likes to come rolling in to do a number on me. As soon as I have gone out of my comfort zone, negative thoughts and questions invade my head, which is such an encouragement for me to do more (insert the sarcastic voice). I know that as soon as I post this, the negativity will come flying at me. 

But God keeps calling me to step out. A lot of it is small, some of it is down right paralyzing. Even though I know He is holding me every step of the way, the ride is scary. 

This isn’t to say that I am not serving God now. But where I serve Him is safe. Safe is fine for awhile, but there comes a time to leave it behind.