A year ago we were busy getting this house ready to move into. We would drive to this new house to paint and clean, then we would drive back to our previous house to live. It was small, old and run down, but familiar. There were times when I preferred to be in that old house. I knew where everything was- every nook and cranny. Living in the same house for 22 years will give you a strange comfort. Even though the new house was large and beautiful, it was a little intimidating.

The same thing happens when God moves in your life. You knew your old life. You knew what to expect and when to expect it, whether good or bad. Even though the new life that God gave you is better, it can be intimidating- you may even want to go back and live in the familiar. You may want to relish in that strange comfort for a little while.

Well, I am here to report that the new house is becoming familiar. Every day I am still amazed by God’s great blessing. The old house is getting a face lift, so it is no longer quite so familiar. This will also happen in your life with God. This new life will become what you know- every nook and cranny. It may take awhile; painting our new house took forever! That old life won’t look so familiar any more. You may even wonder what was so great about it in the first place.