Here we are, right in the middle of Christmas season. Are you weary? Somehow it has become in fashion to be weary. “Keeping up with the Joneses” now means to be busier than anyone else. Do any of these sound familiar when you ask someone how they are doing?

“Good, but very busy”

“Rushing around like crazy”

“I don’t know if I’m coming or going”

“So stressed with everything going on. I will be glad when Christmas is over”

Christmas has turned into one big to-do list instead of a season of celebration. We have worked ourselves up to being so busy that we can’t even enjoy the process of getting ready for Christmas.

Along with the regular stesses of life, we now have to have our house decorated in every corner to look like a Pinterest page, the gifts we give have to be more abundant and more expensive, and Christmas dinner has to rival anything ever made on Food Network. Yes, we definitely know what weary is. But it is time to rejoice while being weary! Rejoicing isn’t to be saved for Christmas Eve service and Christmas morning while presents are being opened. Rejoicing is an attitude to have, especially while weary.

This Christmas season, I hope that you will take a look around. What in the world would happen if you didn’t get it all done or if you scaled back? But even more important, what in the world would happen if you rejoiced in your weariness?