Whenever I have been on a great vacation, no matter how long or short, I wonder why things can’t be that relaxing upon returning. Of course on vacation there is no household clutter in the hotel room, no balancing work and family, and the moment at hand is all that needs to be on our minds. Afterwards, it doesn’t take long for busyness, stress, worry and anxiety to make a return appearance.

I wonder if this is how it was for Adam and Eve. They were on the original vacation. The best time of their lives. Talking one on one with God, being in a beautiful, exotic location, not having a care in the world. Then sin entered and vacation was over. No more beautiful location and work, work, work. How often did they think back to their time in the garden? Did they moan and groan while toiling? Were there the “if only you hadn’t done that” arguments that we have with our spouses? Only God knows. But God also knows that He loves us. That He sent His son to die, so we could one day be on a forever vacation with Him if we ask forgiveness of our sins and make Him the ruler of our life. It’s just a prayer away.