At my previous home, my appliances and air conditioner were tired and wanted everyone in the house to know it. The dishwasher and the air conditioner would have contests to see who was the loudest. Fast forward to this house. The appliances could show my former appliances a thing or two. It is quiet. Very quiet. Surely they couldn’t be working! I would keep checking, and yep, they were working.

I think this is why we often skip quiet time with God, or don’t know what to do with it. The way society has become, unless things are loud, noisy and in our face, we think they don’t work. We think God isn’t doing anything in the stillness and quiet. We become uncomfortable and feel the need to be doing something. It is in these moments that it is our turn to be quiet. We won’t hear God through all the noise unless we are still and concentrate on Him.