Well, it is moving time! This week is an emotional one for me because I stand in awe of what God has done for me. Not only has He miraculously given us this house, but has taught me so many things during the process. God has given me so many thoughts about the house that are really revelations about my relationship with Him. He has taken one of the lowest points of my life and turned it into His story. Whenever I thought that God was done pouring out His blessings, more would come. At times it has been so overwhelmingly good that I didn’t think I could take any more. And you know what? He would pour out more! When I pull into the driveway I no longer see a house, but instead I see God rising out of the ground to proclaim to me that He is real and that He does indeed love me and will indeed take care of me. I hear Him telling me to stop worrying about things- He has proven over and over to me that things are fine, and when I don’t think they are fine, they are still in His plan for me.

One of the biggest lessons God has given me over the past year has been one of waiting on Him and trusting His sovereignty. No matter what I want or what I do, His plan wins. You see, I have always been someone who has needed to have her ducks in a row. Not only her present ducks, but her future ducks as well as her future duck’s ducks!

From a year ago last February on, all of my ducks, as well as their ducks, have been scattered. They have been scattered many times before, and in the past this would have put me in such a tailspin that I would be a big, miserable wreck. But God was very patient with me. He showed me that life doesn’t have to be like that. He showed me that I could brace myself against Him and would be left standing at the end. He showed me that I could have joy in all circumstances.

At the same time that we were going through the long waiting process of acquiring this house, God was putting me through the same thing at work. I was being considered for a promotion, but it took three months to finalize. God gave me peace about the whole thing, which allowed me to continue as thought there was nothing going on. When I finally received the promotion, I had to wait to start until my replacement was found. I knew this would take awhile, due to the hiring process. It took five months before I could start my new position. So while we were waiting for months and months for any news on our house, I was also waiting months and months for any news on starting my new position. God must have had some fun with this one!

Also, during this time we were dealing with Chris’ job. He worked in an industry where there was no job security. He was laid off right before I received word on my promotion. In years past, this would have made me crazier than crazy. But God had my supervisors start my raise immediately while they were in the process of hiring my replacement because I had already been doing the work of my new position for a long time. Now this would be a pretty story all wrapped up in a neat little bow if the raise I received covered Chris’ salary. Even thought it was a great raise, I do work for county government! But what God did by giving me the raise early was give me peace that He always watches out for me.

Fast forward to today. All within a few weeks of each other, we are in our house, I am in my new office (beautifully decorated, too, thanks to my loving husband) and Chris’ real estate license has been reactivated. I know the rest of this year will be filled with trying times in fixing up our former house, Chris getting his business started up again, and a myriad of health issues that I battle on a daily basis, but every day when I pull into our driveway, I will be reminded that God is sovereign and that He not only cares for us, but will take care of us in His timing.