God may as well have physically come down from heaven this morning and smacked me on the head. For weeks I have been upset with God. There- I said it. I don’t understand why He is allowing some things in my life and not allowing others. When I look back, I have actually been like a little kid pouting and comparing. Then, God used a Bible verse to start changing me.

“Whatever the Lord pleases He does,
in heaven and on earth,
in the seas and all deeps.”
Psalm 135:6 RSV

Just because I do “A” and “B”, the outcome will not always be “C”. God does whatever He wants to in my life because of who He is. He does not owe me any explanations. When I ask “why”, His answer is “because I said so.”

My response to all of this, however, has been less than stellar. Then, this morning, I learned that my response should not be pouting and asking “why.” I should be worshiping God for who He is, what He has done for me and what He has brought into my life. No matter what it is. Good or bad. I should be saying “Amen” to God;not once, but twice (Nehemiah 8:6b). I don’t think that my questions to God have been wrong to ask, but my response certainly has.

I recently heard Beth Moore talking about whenever there is something not so good going on in our life, Christians have a tendency to pour through Scriptures trying to find out the reason. We tell others that we just know God is going to heal them of cancer or we pray for God to deliver us from something. What happens when God chooses not to heal us or deliver us? Beth said that instead of searching God’s word asking “why”, we should accept what God is doing, because He is God.

Well, that certainly is a game changer. Accepting God’s plan for your life and all that happens in it just because it is all a part of His plan. Using your energy and time to praise God instead of using the Bible as a worry bead. I don’t know about you, but all of this is life changing for me.