So you would think after my previous post on praying over a glass creamer, I would learn from what God teaches me. But no, I am about as hard headed as they come. So this morning, I wanted a doughnut. Really bad. Nothing else would do. I prayed that someone would bring in doughnuts to work. Did you hear that? I prayed for a doughnut! That is worse than praying for a glass creamer.

I get to work and there were no doughnuts to be found. Did I think that maybe I shouldn’t be having a doughnut? Of course not. I went on break and went straight to get a doughnut myself. I also brought a co-worker with me. Isn’t it nice that I drag others into my sin so I can have some company? So we get doughnuts and that was the end of that. Or so I thought.

That afternoon, guess what another co-worker brought in. That’s right! She had left-over doughnuts from her program and brought the extras in to share. To make it even worse, those doughnuts were from my favorite doughnut shop. All diets cease to exist when those doughnuts are around.

But do you know what those doughnuts really were? They were ashes heaped upon my head. Once again, I prayed for something but didn’t leave the request with God. I took it into my own hands.

I was telling all of this to the co-worker that I took to the doughnut shop, but she was trying to turn things around to make me feel better. I told her that since she was Jewish, she should know that the Old Testament was filled with people who took matters into their own hands instead of waiting on God. Nothing like a little guilt to make me snippy.

Before you make any comments, I do pray for more things than glass creamers and doughnuts. I pray for big things, small things, people, and things that happen in the world. But what God is really teaching me through all of this,is to pray for all things in His will, His timing and His answer. He is teaching me to stop taking things into my own hands. I may be stubborn, but slowly, I am learning.