My youngest daughter and her friend wanted to go antique shopping. What??!! When did they get to be 63? Anyway,I had just unpacked an old glass Borden Milk bottle that I use as a kitchen decoration and was thinking about how I have been looking many years for a small glass creamer bottle to go with it.

Since I just finished reading the last chapter of the book
7, by Jen Hatmaker, praying throughout the day was greatly on my mind. If you have not read this book,you must stop everything and go get it. It will change you. I asked God to let me find a creamer at a good price. OH MY WORD!! I just asked God for an insignificant decoration for my home! I don’t think He suffered on the cross so I could have insignificant decorations. What is wrong with me?! I know that God cares about even the small things, but a creamer?

I went on with the day and didn’t really think any more about it. I took the girls to three antique stores, but wasn’t seeing anything that I liked. This in itself was crazy because I always see something. Yes, I have the soul of an 83 year old. Now I know where my daughter gets it. I took them to one last store they were curious about,and there it was. Sitting in all of its glory. Just waiting for me. At a price so low that I didn’t have the heart to even think about bartering. Why am I constantly surprised and amazed at what God does for me?

Since that day, I have thought about my requests to God. Do I really believe that He will answer me with a “yes”? Or am I praying for a “just in case”.