The best place to start is at the beginning of all this. Some of you have heard this before, but for those of you who haven’t, this is the story of our house.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to buy a house. But this really isn’t about a house. It is about faith- not ours, but God’s great faithfulness and God’s grace.

We started looking at houses in May. We decided to look at short sale houses to get the most for our money. Since we didn’t have to move, our “ideal house” list was a Goldilocks list- it had to be just right. This made the number of houses to look at very low. Much to our surprise, we found the ideal house. It matched our list, was a great price, and was pretty much move-in ready. We couldn’t believe it-this must be a “God thing.” We put a contract on the house quickly with the hopes of moving in before school started. Then the waiting began. We waited and waited. Finally, we got an answer- something happened on the seller’s end and we would not be able to purchase the house. Not. At. All. We were in shock! How could God let this perfect house get away from us? We just didn’t understand.

We started the search again, and amazingly found a house that was even better. Surely this is why God let that other house go. We put a contract on it before someone else snatched it up. We wanted to be moved in by Christmas. I needed the distraction to get through the first Christmas without my Mom. Then, once again, the waiting began. We waited and waited. Had papers to sign. Then waited and waited. Signed more papers and waited some more. You get the idea. November came and we still did not have an answer- only a contract extension.

I started doubting that this house was from God, but was a little hopeful that we would receive a “Christmas miracle” and move in right at Christmas. Instead, we got the present of another contract extension.

Now I was upset over the whole thing- what if this house falls through, like the other one, and we are stuck again? What if the bank wants to counter- offer with more money than we can spend? We looked at what was on the market, both new and short-sale, and it did not look promising. Then came the news of housing prices going up. I was out of my mind! I wasn’t much fun to live with, either.

We then found out the house was vacant. I began to wonder if we were signing contract extensions on a house that had been trashed. We went with our realtor to look at the house one more time. I had another reason for going back. I wanted some type of confirmation that this would one day be our home.

The moment I stepped in the house, a warm sensation that I can’t describe filled my whole body. Was this the sign I was looking for? I immediately felt an unexplainable peace about the whole thing. Also, the house was in great condition! My mind was put to rest and I had no more worry or wondering. If God wanted this house for us, He would do it! It would be in His way and in His timing.

The next morning I went to Sunday School (yes, I still call it Sunday School) expecting the usual. The lesson was from Habakkuk- faith and waiting on God. God was nudging me, telling me that this lesson was just for me; that if we would wait on His timing, we would get the house.

I had no need to think about the house much anymore. I had a passing decorating thought here or there, but had such peace. It was amazing!

The next week in Sunday School, we had another lesson from Habakkuk on God’s sovereignty and being patient for His timetable and plan. During this lesson, God told me that no matter what happened with this house, He was still God. I prayed to God that I accepted this. I would also accept His decision on the house without reservation.

After that, life was even busier than usual. There wasn’t much time to think about anything else except the next hour of the day.

The weekend of the first anniversary of my mother’s death was here- the reason for all of this taking place. I thought about how hard it was this time last year watching lung cancer take over. Then I thought about how we have had the contract on the house for five months, but I was not in a hurry for an answer any more.

Right after that, came a text from the realtor. I used to get right to her text messages because “maybe she had some news.” I figured this text was about more paperwork to sign. Whatever. But no! The bank had accepted our contract for not much more than our original counter-offer! Glory to God! I started crying and thanking God for His goodness. Right when I gave everything over to Him, He gave it back to me with even more than I asked.

Oh, there is one more thing. This house had been on the market for a few years already with a few contracts on it that had fallen through. We wondered what was wrong with the house, since so many had fallen through. Turns out, there was nothing wrong with the house. God was just saving it for us.

I understand that nothing is set in stone until the final papers are signed and money has exchanged hands, but no matter what happens I am so thankful that God showed me grace and let me see just a glimpse of how much He takes care of me and loves me.